Thursday, August 5, 2010

Angle Lake - SeaTac WA

Angle Lake Park
Angle Lake, courtesy of Micheal B
From this picture one might think these folks are fishing far from any civilization.
In fact, Angle Lake is in SeaTac and less than a mile from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The precursor to Sea-Tac's runways was actually called Angle Lake Airfield.
I know what it's like to shoot cloud pictures around here, and getting this shot is not an exact science. If the photographer wants drama in the cloud cover, then sacrifice must be made in the foreground. In short, if one is exposed correctly the other will be either dark or light. Here, Michael B struck the right balance between drama and detail. I love these clouds, puffy and happy. It's nice to see them over the slate-grey skies we are all accustomed to around here.

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